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Adoptable Dogs

We do have cats, kittens, dogs, bunnies and guinea pigs available for adoption.  Please email [email protected] for more details. 

WOW is all we can say about our beautiful Jade!

This girl is very deserving of her very own Facebook page, if we only knew the adventures she was on before she found her way to us there is no doubt "The Adventures of Jade" would make an interesting read.

This beautiful girl came into our shelter like whirlwind, she has managed to let herself out of her dog run(it's now Houdini proof) and destroyed a couple of cones after her spay because cones are really not fashionable I mean who are we kidding a hunk like a Malaki wants a girl without the fashion statement. So we had our hands full, however, this girl has managed to steal our hearts she is full of spunk and love, and she is approximately 1-year-old. It is time for chapter 2- "shelter life to end" and Chapter 3- "my Furever Home" to start.

The perfect home for Jade must be active and want to continue "The Adventures of Jade" together, making the rest of the book just as interesting as the beginning! This girl can make you go viral 100% without question, she will make you laugh, cry, and probably frustrated a time or two, she will steal your heart and the heart of everyone she meets, and she will keep you on your toes but before too long you will forget what life was like without her. She is lacking manners but wants to please so someone willing to work and have patience with her is a must.

Take a chance on me

Come on, give me a break, will you?

Take a chance on me

If you have room in your active lifestyle and your heart for the most beautiful girl you have ever seen, please email [email protected]

Malaki- Husky is approximately 6 years old.

Mali is available for adoption he is the sweetest boy who is very well behaved, he loves his human friends but at first, is a little uneasy and vocal, he doesn't have a lot of manners so meeting him for the first time means he will jump on you and he may grumble at you( typical Husky talk). Malaki is not a fan of other animals so he does require a home with no other animals however with the right training from a certified trainer we believe a dog friend could be in his future. He can live with children but we would like the children to be over 10 so they know to respect his boundaries and push him beyond his comfort level. 

He has become much calmer since being in our care and we are confident in a home environment he will be the best dog any family could ever want, he loves to go for walks as long you are willing to keep him safe from the other animals. He isn't a dog that can go off-leash, and the adoptive family must understand for the safety of every animal or human in general dogs should NOT be walked off-leash.

If you are interested in adopting Malaki please email [email protected], he is neutered, vaccinated, flea treated, and de-wormed.