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Anonymously Report Animal Cruelty: 1-800-222-8477

Get To Know Us!

Our organization has so many supportive people all working together to achieve the same goals!

SPCA Baccalieu Trail was incorporated as a non-profit organization on March 17, 2011, and became a registered charity on May 26, 2014. We are proud members of the SPCA NL. Now that our animal shelter is operational, we couldn't be more excited to provide aid to animals in our community. We also hope that it will be a safe haven for animals that have no place to go.

One of our goals is to provide education on how to treat animals with the respect and love that they deserve. We encourage individuals to be responsible pet owners; we welcome the opportunity to speak to community groups (i.e. schools, youth groups). 

Our Board of Directors 

Sonya Nolan Baker - Chair, Provincial Board Member

Tammy Collett - Vice Chair

Tony Smith - Treasurer/Director, Baccalieu Trail Thrift Store 

Gail Gosse - Director

Lynn Clarke - Director

Laurie Sullivan- Director